QWhat are the signs that labor is nearing?

AComfort in the abdomen,throbbing pain,amniotic fluid leaking,blood flow out

QHow to solve Uterine contraction?

AIt takes 12 to 16 hours from the regular uterine contraction to the full opening of the cervix. Do not apply downward force before the cervix is ​​fully opened, because exertion will cause cervical edema and make the cervix difficult to open.

QWhat to do when Uterine contraction?

ADuring contractions, the mother should adopt stay at her comfortable position. During breaks, she can listen to music, chat, look at the pictorial, and think about the joy of a baby being born. Sometimes the mother may have pain, but there will be happiness in the meantime.

QHow to exert force during giving birth?

AMaster the method of exertion: bend your knees and lie on your back with your legs apart, and hold the arms on both sides of the delivery bed with both hands. At the beginning of the contraction, take a full breath and hold it down, and then try exert force downward as if you were constipating. Don't move and make no noise during exertion.

QWhat should i need to be attentive of after child delivery?

AA woman will feel like being free from burden and tired as well,so need to stay in bed and rest.A woman need to maintain her mood because a slight mood change can affect the recovery of the uterus contraction,leading to postpartum hemorrhage,which can endanger the woman.

QDuring confinement period can I drink cold water?

ADuring confinement period,a woman need to keep warm,and avoid cold,the room temperature preferably in between 25-26 celcius,humidility at about 50-60%,Pay special attention not to blow directly into the air conditioner. In addition, avoid contact with cold water during confinement.

QCan I get out of bed to work after giving birth?

AAt the beginning of the postpartum period, when the woman feels weak, dizzy, or fatigued, she should rest in bed more than half an hour. When the physical strength gradually recovers, you can extend the time slightly, but it should be limited to 1-2 hours.

QHow to care for private parts after giving birth?

AMaintain hygiene,avoid bacteria infection,a woman .Immediately after giving birth to a baby, women have a lot of secretions from their private parts. Pay attention to washing the vulva with warm water every day, and keep the vulva dry to prevent infection.

QWhat are the food that I should abstain from after giving birth?

AThe food which you should abstain from after giving birth are leek, pepper, barley products, acidic foods, etc. These are foods that return to milk. During confinement, you should eat more fruits and vegetables every day, which is beneficial to the rapid recovery of physical health.

QIs it possible to have sex after childbirth?

AThe postpartum examination should be done on the 42th day after the birth, and it must be of doctor's approval. The appropriate time is 2 months after the birth. If you have sex, you must pay attention to contraception and avoid getting pregnancy again.

QDo Felicity Postpartum Careprovide a good service for confinement?

AFelicity Postpartum Care introduces the international top confinement club's business philosophy and nursing system to provide each  mother with a safe, professional and meticulous all-round confinement journey with the highest medical care and service standards.

QHow does the suite look like in Felicity Postpartum Care?

AEach confinement room in the villa has a separate baby play area, and is equipped with fully-equipped bathrooms and high-quality home systems to create a distinguished and comfortable cultivation environment and an extraordinary confinement experience, allowing you to enjoy the comfort here and cozy life here.

QDoes your food taste delicious?

AAbsolutely! We have the national level nutritionist personally customize nutritious meal menus for each guest. According to the principles of solid education, first clearing and then supplementing, three meals a day and two meals are formulated scientifically to meet breastfeeding and physical recovery.

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