The Best Postpartum Care Service in KL, Selangor, Malaysia
The Best Postpartum Care Service in KL, Selangor, Malaysia

1. Accommodation and Facilities 
Moms can understand the various facilities which prepared by the center for moms and babies, such as bottle sterilizers, air conditioners, air purifiers, safety measures, and monitoring facilities. Most confinement centers will install CCTV monitoring devices at the gates, public spaces, etc. In addition to preventing accidents or intrusion by outsiders, they are also used as monitoring measures to monitor the quality of the center's nursing staff.
Therefore, the accommodation environment of the confinement center is mainly comfortable, safe, and hygienic. Each confinement center will focus on different confinement styles, such as Felicity Postpartum Care:

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2. Postpartum Nursing Staff Service 
The postpartum caregivers in the confinement center are divided into two groups in Malaysia. There are traditional hand-to-hand teaching and word-of-mouth confinement nurses. They can deal with different newborn situations and emergencies, and they are also very willing to teach new mothers how to take care of their babies and demonstrate baby care methods and tricks. This is what young parents think Reassured. The confinement center hires these confinement women, and they usually follow the traditional confinement method for the mothers and their babies.

3. Confinement Centre's Food Service Management (Meat / Vegetarian)

Since each confinement center has a different chef's skills, moms want to know whether the confinement center’s dishes are suitable for their tastes, and they can also ask the confinement center to try their dishes.

4. Professional Baby Care Service & Facilities
The most important thing for mothers is that the baby can get the best service and treatment. Each confinement center will set up a baby room and baby isolation room. Babies will stay in the nursery most of the time, only when they need to be breast-fed, bathed, and taken to the appropriate place, or stay with their mothers at the request of the mother after delivery.
Most of the baby rooms have large glass windows that can see through, so that the staff in the confinement center can check the baby's situation at any time, and the family can see the baby at any time outside the baby room. The fully equipped confinement center will also install one-to-one real-time monitoring equipment for the baby room, and connect to the parent's mobile app program, so that parents can see their baby at any time no matter where they are.

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Conclusion, confinement service centre will charge expensive which around 10-20K per month. Mothers should not choose some unqualified confinement centers because they are greedy for cheap. The confinement centers must be settled in formal ones, because The cost of the confinement center is high, and the low-cost confinement center is either not professional enough or the equipment is not complete.

Published : 1-Oct-2020

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